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Milestones Matter: 35 or 350!

September/October 2014

This year BCCLS libraries are celebrating two big birthdays!  BCCLS is celebrating 35 years of connecting libraries, communities, and so much more. But did you know that the State of New Jersey is also celebrating a milestone? New Jersey is 350 years old. That is a lot of candles!

Members of the BCCLS Public Relations Committee have compiled a list of favorite books to celebrate our great state – everything from Jersey’s iconic diners to our history starting with our early beginning as a colony. While reading about New Jersey, don’t forget to peruse your library’s local history collection and learn about the history of your town.

What is a birthday celebration without cake? Check out all of the great birthday books, too.

Recommended Reads

New Jersey History

Even if you’ve lived in New Jersey your whole life, this set of travel guides will help you find something new and different to do or see around the state. From ghost stories to odd places, Weird N.J. will provide tons of ideas for day or weekend trips to visit old favorites or find new secrets.

Books to Celebrate Birthdays

Everyone loves birthday parties and the star of the birthday party is the cake!  Check out these books for tips and tricks on making cakes which will bring your parties to the next level.

List Created By

2014 BCCLS Public Relations Committee


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