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Game On! 2019

December 2019

Another year nearly in the books and video games are as healthy as ever. The Nintendo Switch is outselling both the PS4 and the Xbox One these days. This is no surprise as both Sony and Microsoft will be releasing BRAND NEW consoles Holiday 2020. That and the fact that Nintendo released the Switch Lite handheld thusly replacing the 2DS and 3DS handhelds. While the Switch seems to be just getting started the PS5 and Project Scarlett (Xbox’s codename) will be out and people know this, hence the drop in sales. There wasn’t a shortage of games though and as always every category is represented and ALL games were released in 2019!

Happy gaming!

Recommended Games

Rated E for Everyone

Rated E 10+ for Everyone Ages 10 and Up

Rated T for Teen

Rated M for Mature

References - Stats of sold hardware and software for ALL video game systems plus news and databases - Video games, cheats, wikis, walkthroughs, reviews, interviews, videos etc… - News, reviews and videos site for video games - A one all place for News, reviews, Interviews and videos for video games, movies, music etc… - Scores, scores, scores! All game scores from everything from your iPhone to your Xbox!

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