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Video Game Controllers

Game On! 2014

November 2014

The end of 2013 year saw the release of both the Xbox One and the PS4. Both systems got off to a great start and are striving to deliver a next gen experience for your living room. Everything from the Xbox One’s Kinect motion sensor, entertainment and voice commands to the PS4’s strict “it’s just for games” mentality will make any hard core gamer happy. Don’t think we forgot about the other guys either. This list is comprised of 29 games across just about every platform available. So sit back, relax and get your Game On!

Recommended Games

Rated E 10+ for Everyone Ages 10 and Up

Rated T for Teen

Rated M for Mature

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List Created By

Joseph Guida

Senior Field Technician, BCCLS; Electronics Guru; Gamer

With Contributions by:

Matthew Mitchel

Adult Services/Outreach Librarian, Paramus Public Library


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