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June 2014

Summer is here! Many mark the beginning of summer with Memorial Day weekend, the first barbeque or the opening of the pool. For me? Summer has started when I resume my weekly Saturday visits to my favorite farmers’ market.

On my first 12 mile journey to my favorite market this past weekend, I thought about all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, breads, eggs and meats that grace the tables every year and all of the wonderful opportunities for that are available for a delicious meal.

Here’s to a delicious summer!

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Where Is My Local Farmers' Market, Roadside Stand or Pick-It-Yourself Farm?

New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Search by county to find your favorite market, stand or farm. This site also has information about when specific fruits and vegetables are in season.

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Canning and Preserving

It is a sad day when you pull the last jar of tomatoes from the cupboard or bag of cauliflower from the freezer. The flavors of last summer that once occupied your winter pantry are gone and the cabinet is patiently waiting for this year’s crop.  Here are a couple of new canning and preserving favorites as they focus on small batches – you can do this on a Saturday afternoon.


For many summers when I was growing up, there would be a couple of crocks in the dining room under the windows. If you carefully pulled back the linen dish towels from the top, you may have been lucky to catch a glimpse of cucumber becoming a pickle or cabbage become sauerkraut. I now make pickles in the refrigerator and only small batches of sauerkraut.

However, my favorite was the fresh warm yogurt my pulled from the oven once a week. My sister and I would have it for breakfast with a spoonful of homemade strawberry jam. It was best when it was still warm. Unfortunately, I do not make my own yogurt but I have gotten hooked on the fresh cheeses from the farmers’ market that I have ventured into cheese making territory. (By the way, I am going to try making beer before the summer is out – supposedly, it is a little easier than wine.)

Interested in making a little bit of sausage for that cheese? Many farmers’ markets have a farmer that offers meat. Instead of putting it on the grill try grinding it for sausage! I am not a meat eater, so my father (son of a butcher) chose these title as they have a great variety of flavor profile and proteins. I like that they both contain a vegetarian option! 

My Favorite Summer Cookbooks

When I am seeking inspiration for a wonderful summer meal, I will most likely search my personal library for one of the following cookbooks for a few ideas.  These are my favorites and they either present very seasonal recipes or they gently remind of the best of summer.

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Donna Perkosky

Public Relations & Adult Programming Coordinator, Paramus Public Library


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