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A Novel Way of Looking at Art

March 2015

Book lovers always seem to have a book with them.  In fictional accounts readers find pleasure and escape. Or, readers can live vicariously through the adventures and romances of their favorite characters.  But that is not all that fiction can do.  Authors spend countless hours researching the time periods, events, and people who appear in their works and because of this many readers are exposed to new cultures, history, and events that they would otherwise have no insight or experience.

This list invites readers into the world of art.  Sometimes it is bright and colorful and other times dark and mysterious filled with danger.  Whether you are looking for a thrilling mystery, a look into art history, or to introduce the youngest readers in your family to the world of art, these works and many others can be found on the shelves of your local libraries.

Recommended Reads

List Created By

Latricia Batchelor Markle

Children's Librarian, Tenafly Public Library


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