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In Time of Unrest

December 2023

During this period of historic unrest, this LibGuide delves into the profound narratives of systematic campaigns of extermination, abuse, and displacement that have defined our global landscape. The proliferation of the digital age, transforming us into interconnected global citizens, has unveiled the intricate web of events leading to genocide and displacement, which are rooted in centuries of human suffering and the enduring legacy of imperialism. As of May 2023, there were over 110 million forcibly displaced individuals worldwide, underscoring the need for a global understanding of the complex dynamics at play. The books curated here traverse the stories of immigrants, children of the diaspora, refugees, and asylum seekers, weaving together overarching themes of compassion, empathy, resilience, courage, hope, and love. Through these powerful narratives, the collection confronts the divisive forces of censorship, propaganda, and misinformation that contribute to the pervasive "US vs. THEM" dichotomy and explores individuals' choices within their society and the international arena that perpetuate genocides. Grounded in our shared communal human history, these books offer a sage exploration of our collective journey, shedding light on the politics of dispossession, harsh historical realities, and the rise of xenophobia- all while emphasizing the crucial need for education and empathy in fostering a more compassionate world.



Young Adult


List Created By

The 2023 BCCLS Diverse & Underserved Committee



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