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Body Neutrality

January 2024

Fat-phobia is one of the last remaining “socially acceptable” prejudices, and diet culture is an ever-present force in our lives. At this time of year, the barrage of messages urging us to "shed those pounds for your New Year's resolution!" reaches a fever pitch, and we internalize the message that “fat = bad.” But body positivity can present its own trap. What if we can’t embrace radical self-love? Either way, we can end up feeling like a failure.

Body neutrality is an effort to accept your body the way it is. A recognition that size is not a reflection of health or worth. It’s not shaming your or anyone else’s body, but also not judging ourselves for struggling with body image.

From manifestos rejecting the idea of a perfect body, to stories centering fat-and-fine-with-it protagonists, affirmations of bodily diversity, and more... we hope these books can help us all re-orient perspectives and place less pressure on our physical selves.

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Erin Douglass

With assistance from the Diverse & Underserved Populations Committee 2023


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