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Beyond the Gender Binary

July 2024

International Non-Binary People's Day on July 14th recognizes people whose gender identity falls outside the gender binary, a conceptualization of gender as either male or female. Non-binary is an umbrella term for all those who do not identify exclusively—or at all—as a man or a woman. Some fall in between, others identify as both or even entirely outside of these constraints. While many nonbinary folks also identify as transgender, not all do.


There is a rich history of nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people throughout different cultures and societies—from Indigenous two-spirit, to Indian hijra, the gala in Ancient Mesopotamia, and beyond. For as long as there has been humanity, there has been a spectrum of gender as diverse as humans themselves.

Break down the binary with these reads for all ages, including introductory nonfiction, memoirs and essays, and stories featuring nonbinary characters.

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Erin Douglass

Diverse & Underserved Populations Committee


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