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Sean Pidgeon: Sean Pidgeon

An expat Englishman, an editor and publisher brings the Arthurian legend alive.


Sean Pidgeon


January 2013


Sean Pidgeon
Photo © Bill Cramer/Wonderful Machine.

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Sean Pidgeon was born and raised in southern England. He has worked in the UK and the US as an editor and publisher of scholarly books and journals, and is currently a reference publisher at John Wiley & Sons. Sean lives in South Orange, NJ with his wife and two sons.


On Finding Camlann:

"VERDICT An intriguing book for those looking for a relationship-driven literary mystery in the style of A.S. Byatt's Possession."
—Library Journal

"Finding Camlann is a lovely book, simultaneously an emotional and a historical journey. It finds new things to say about the legend of King Arthur, and says them in a touching and compelling contemporary tale of love."
—Iain Pears, author of "An Instance of the Fingerpost" and "The Dream of Scipio"
"Finding Camlann delivers a wallop of pleasure to both the head and the heart. It is suffused with an irresistible sense of mystery, its many paths, whether to the unknowable past or to the inner truth of those we love, disappearing into swirling fog."
—Rebecca Goldstein, author of "Thirty-Six Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction"

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