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Richard Polton: Richard Polton

Brings Paterson, NJ alive with his biography of architect Fred Wesley Wentworth.


Richard Polton


Richard Polton
Photo © Richard Polton.

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Richard Polton grew up in Paterson. He studied American history at Columbia, architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and city planning at MIT. Polton is a founding principal of Value Research Group, a real estate valuation and consulting firm that specializes in issues of affordable housing and urban redevelopment. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson, a non-profit organization to help launch the Paterson National Park and enhance its educational, social and economic benefits for Paterson. He lives in Glen Ridge.

Mr. Polton’s biography, The Life & Times of Fred Wesley Wentworth: The Architect Who Shaped Paterson, NJ and Its People makes Paterson’s rich history come alive through the telling of Fred Wentworth’s life.


On The Life & Times of Fred Wesley Wentworth:

"The Life & Times of Fred Wesley Wentworth is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the works of this important architect. The photos and organization of the material make for a compelling story."
—Kathy Waldron, President of William Paterson University

"Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, Polton's superb book shows how a talented architect and remarkable clients can shape the quality of an urban setting for generations."
—Leonard Zax, President of The Hamilton Partnership for Paterson (disclosure: Richard is on the Board of Trustees for The Hamilton Partnership for Paterson)