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Peter Danish: Peter Danish

Delights readers with both fiction and nonfiction.


Peter Danish


March 2016


Peter Danish
Photo ©  Sanela Danish.

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Peter Danish is an award-winning author, educator and marketing consultant. His public-speaking book, I’ll Give You Exactly Five Minutes, was a #1 Business Best Seller. His novel, The Tenor, won the Best Historical Fiction Book and received an Honorable Mention for Best Historical Fiction Book from the New England Festival of Books. His newest novel, Medjugorje, takes us on a journey to a holy shrine, in a war-torn country. It is a mystery about an American filmmaker visiting Medjugorje to research a film about the extraordinary goings-on there. 

Peter is also the Classical Music Editor in Chief for, one of the nation's most popular arts and entertainment websites. 


What are you reading?  What's on your nightstand?

I always have several books going at once. Currently I’m reading “Fallen Angel” by Daniel Silva, a thriller set in the Vatican. I’m also reading John Ciardi’s “Good Words for You,” to remind myself just how little I know about the English language!

Where do you go to get inspired?

I am a serious outdoorsman. I’m blessed to live only a few minutes from two state parks and I head there as often as possible to hike up into the woods with just a thermos of coffee and my laptop. 

What's something that surprised you recently (in a good way)?

I began a writing school this season and I was pleasantly surprised how many wonderful writers – young and not-so-young - that I have encountered. I have personally attended dozens of writing classes and learned very little from them. I was so happy to learn that I was not alone; that there were so many just like me for whom traditional writing classes just didn’t work. 

Where do you write?

Believe it or not, I wrote my first novel “The Tenor” almost entirely on a bus. I was commuting two hours each way daily to the city. I found the four dedicated hours a perfectly uninterrupted opportunity to write. When I am home, I can’t find four hours in a week! So making my travel time productive was a real gift. 

What/who makes you laugh? Why?

I tend to go back to the classic sitcoms of the 70s. “The Odd Couple” is my all-time favorite. In addition, I’ve recently had the chance to introduce my wife (who is not from this country) to such shows as “The Honeymooners.” Watching her reaction to Jackie Gleason’s physical comedy is priceless to me. 

Favorite fictional character ever?

Too many to mention. Ok, I’ll mention a few. Growing up, Sherlock Holmes was absolutely my favorite character, followed closely by Hercules Poirot. Later it was Holden Caulfield. But all-time favorite female character is Emma Bovary. She is deliciously awful, selfish, inconsiderate and not particularly bright, but we still love her. Favorite male character is easily Pierre Bezukhov, in War and Peace. At first he is a completely pitiful disaster, but over the years (and thousands of pages) he evolves like no other character in literary history. He eventually becomes respectable, then interesting, and finally, a beloved character whom we can’t help rooting for. 

What are you working on?

My new novel Medjugorje: the Final Prophecy was just released. It is a mystery about an American filmmaker visiting Medjugorje to research a film about the extraordinary goings-on there. Little children are seeing visions of the Virgin Mary, and sick pilgrims are being cured by visiting the shrine. Soon he finds himself caught up in a plan to capitalize on a mysterious young girl who holds the key to miraculous secrets. 


On The Tenor:

"Whether Mr. Danish is writing about music, history, or travel in his vastly entertaining novel, The Tenor, his words fly off the page. The whirlwind of images invites the readers into a world that will be familiar to some, foreign to others, but captivating to all. Read it!"
—Richard Sasanow, Editor-in-Chief BWW Opera

On I'll Give You Exactly Five Minutes:

"The ORSON System is a brilliant approach to public speaking from the most outstanding presentation coach I have ever worked with. Peter Danish provides no-nonsense, actionable advice, for anyone and everyone, on how to effectively deliver a speech in order to win over an audience. The ORSON System is simple to use, yet it delivers powerful results!"
—Joe Peyronnin, former Vice President CBS News

On Medjugorje:

""Bitterness, suffering and guilt are bleak subjects, yet in "Medjugorje - The Final Prophecy", author Peter Danish skillfully weaves these themes into an entertaining - and quite wise - novel about the nature of faith, forgiveness, and ultimately, hope. Like a modern-day version of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales."
—Huffington Post

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