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Bennett Madison: Bennett Madison

Award-winning and ever so hip teen novelist.


Bennett Madison


September 2013


Bennett Madison
Photo © Thomas Dozol.

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Bennett Madison is the author of several books for teenagers, including The Blonde of the Joke (HarperTeen 2009) and September Girls (HarperTeen 2013). He has also written a few other books and some other things here and there.

He grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland, went to Sarah Lawrence College, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Bennett’s former occupations include: phone psychic, clothes-folder, no-nonsense receptionist, and writer of not-very-good cartoons.


On September Girls:

"A meditation on manhood takes a turn into magical realism in this mesmerizing novel."
—Kirkus, ***Starred Review***

"[Madison's] command of language, both informal and beautiful, lifts the work from a basic boy-meets-fantastical creature tale to something both familiar and tragically moving. This isn’t just a supernatural beach read; it’s a rare and lovely novel, deserving of attention from discriminating readers."
—Booklist, ***Starred Review***
"An exquisitely haunting work of magical realism."
—Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books, ***Starred Review***
"Madison maintains the same hazy, syrupy languidness that distinguished The Blonde of the Joke, giving summer days at the shore the same sort of mythological heft the fluorescent American mall possessed in his previous book. A surprising story of a kid finding love and himself, when he wasn’t looking for either."
—Publishers Weekly, ***Starred Review***

On The Blonde of the Joke:

"A ridiculous, riotous, tongue-in-cheek mad dash through the mall where everything is not as it seems and where the cheap jokes and the bounty grow like apples on trees."

"Madison’s honest and darkly comic prose takes this mall-rat tale to mythical heights. The punchline is definitely bittersweet and will leave a good many readers anticipating Madison’s next book."
"Madison’s dreamlike prose imbues the most ordinary moments with cosmic significance. Readers will soak up every bit."
—Publishers Weekly

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