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Alfred C. Martino: Alfred C. Martino

Sports themed Young Adult novels.


Alfred C. Martino


August 2012


Alfred C. Martino
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Alfred was born and raised in Short Hills (NJ) and graduated from Millburn High School, where he was captain of the school's wrestling team and a member of the soccer team. He is a graduate of Duke University and The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Jersey City. When he isn't writing, he is working as the president and founder of Listen & Live Audio, an audiobook publishing company.

Alfred C. Martino is the author of Over the End Line and Pinned, his debut novel, which was a YALSA 'Best Books For Young Adults' nominee, Jr. Library Guild selection, Quills Award nominee, and a Kirkus Reviews 'Book of pecial Note' selection. His latest novel, Perfected by Girls, is about a sophomore girl, Melinda Radford, trying to make her way in life and high school while competing in the demanding sport of amateur wrestling.


On Perfected by Girls:

"The protagonist has an authentic voice, and readers will empathize with her isolation throughout the school day. Some may gloss over the detailed wrestling descriptions, but the romance and other aspects of Melinda's life will strike a chord with girls, even those who don't participate in athletics."
—School Library Journal

"The novel is a solid portrait of a teenage girl trying to be herself when everyone else seems to be deciding her life for her. Though wrestling is the heart of the tale, Martino wisely resists heavy-handed and inspirational sports metaphors, letting Mel's actions speak for themselves. There's always a need for more sports stories for girls, and this is a solid addition to the genre."
—Kirkus Reviews

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