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Jim Wright: Jim Wright

Author/blogger writing about nature, ecology, and The Meadowlands.


Jim Wright


November 2012


Jim Wright
Photo © Jim Wright.

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Jim Wright, a communications officer for the NJMC, produces the popular Meadowlands Nature Blog.

Wright helps lead twice-monthly nature walks in the Meadowlands and makes frequent appearances to talk about nature in the region.

Jim is the birding columnist for The Bergen Record and nature columnist for The South Bergenite, and author of three well-received coffee-table books, Jungle of the Maya, Hawk Mountain, and In the Presence of Nature.

In his spare time, Jim serves as deputy marsh warden of the Celery Farm Natural Area and has maintained a nature blog about the Celery Farm since March 2007. Jim is on the board of trustees for the New Jersey chapter of The Nature Conservancy.
He lives in Allendale with his wife, Patty.


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